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In 2019 a supply of 1000 Tokens will be sold for 0.048 BTC each, and we should open our second Kiosk by the end of the year. "Now, in accordance with your economics, create sell orders for your token in exchange for the most popular currency pairs — Waves, Bitcoin, USD, EUR, CNY — on the DEX exchange in the 

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BLU/BTC, BlueCoin, +1.3%, 0.048 BTC, 0.00000078, 0.00000085, 0.00000078. OZC/BTC, OzzieCoin, -50%, 0.173 BTC, 0.00000005, 0.00000009, 0.00000005. STK/BTC, StakeCoin, +0.1%, 0.004 BTC, 0.00034509, 0.00045939, 0.00034509. 2015/BTC, 2015, +3.5%, 0.009 BTC, 0.00000207, 0.00000223, 0.00000174.

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