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How much is 0.003 BTC (Bitcoins) in EUR (Euros). Online exchange rate calculator between BTC & EUR. Currencio — World Currency & Cryptocurrencies Converter.

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Date, Type, Price, Amount (BTC), Total (USD). 30.01.18 12:14, Sell, 11481 USD, 0.04776535 BTC, 548.39398335 USD. 30.01.18 12:14, Buy, 11503.5 USD, 0.16972007 BTC, 1952.37482524 USD. 30.01.18 12:14, Sell, 11525 USD, 0.00311 BTC, 35.84275 USD. 30.01.18 12:14, Buy, 11525 USD, 0.0073 BTC, 84.1325 USD.

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