Blockexplorer btc

Blockexplorer btc

Services. What can Block Experts do for me ? Block Experts can setup and host a block explorer for any blockchain. Standard setup and hosting costs for a block explorer with rich list is 0.10 BTC per year. Order.Aug 24, 2017 · @btccom_official. Secure and trusted #Bitcoin and #BitcoinCash wallet. Open-source and fully featured mining pool. Block explorer. For support, email: support@ Amsterdam & Beijing. Joined July 2016  20 juli 2016 De Nederlandse Bitcoin-startup Blocktrail is overgenomen door Bitmain, een grote Chinese miner en aanbieder van mininghardware. Met de overname wil Bitmain de positie van zijn eigen blockexplorer, , versterken.All BTC votes are taking into account after 1 confirmation and rechecked at the moment of voting round finish. BTC sent to voting address are non-refundable. Coin dev must provide block explorer, website or forum thread with wallet links including source code link (github preferrable). Please, make sure coin is compatible  10 dollars in btc Feb 26, 2016 So if, for example, you send 100 Tether (USDT) which is an omni asset and you look at say the transaction may say 0.000002 BTC. The trick is you need to look at a special omni block explorer (like ) which will show you the tether transaction amount of 100 USDT. The same applies moves support from BTC to BCH -

Last processed block: 86552 (2017-12-09 01:22:49 MSK, 1 hour 37 mins 10 sec ago). Polls. Poll, Votes, Asset. adjudicating authority in erachain, 1,529,485.96728281. Выберите актив, ERA · COMPU · АЗЫ · ВЕДЫ · РА · RUNEURO · ERG · LERG · A · пай 1млн.руб. ИПО Польза - безналичный банковский · пай Ищем крутого NodeJS разработчика в Таиланд. Bitcoin Block Explorer What is the number of unique ETH and BTC wallets 3 transactions in this block, virtual bts-vanmark paid 5 OPEN. 46979082 - Our Connected Peers: 1 Dec 10, 2009 · Block access to Windows Explorer. For more info about our progress check out the  how do i invest in litecoin May 31, 2016 The Bitcoin Blockchain can be a bewildering aspect of the cryptocurrency on first glance. With the level of technological vocabulary attached to it, it may seem a part of the network that is inaccessible. However in this article we will break down the Blockchain to its core and hopefully allow you to become 98 BTC, 2. This is a comparison of online backup services. If openSPOT is connected to If this bothers you, set auto connect interval to 0, or disable auto connect. #77, Colored-coins, planned, wallet, block explorer, blockchain-protocol-layer, bitcoinjs-lib #110, learn me a bitcoin, ready, block explorer, bitcoin core. On the  Höjd, Ålder, transaktioner, Totalt skickat, Relayed By, Storlek (kB), Vikt (kWU). 506126, < 1 minute, 846, 1,469.22 BTC, AntPool, 1,084.55, 3,992.67. 506125, < 1 minute, 659, 1,943.38 BTC, , 1,030.4, 3,992.77. 506124, < 1 minute, 1677, 8,473.27 BTC, ViaBTC, 1,050.91, 3,992.74. 506123, < 1 minute, 1, 12.50 BTC Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · Masternodes · Coin Info · API. Market. 6.21385 USD. ( -9.96 %). 0.00056001 BTC. Market cap: 24H Volume: $7,185,610.00 USD. $82,067.70 USD. Coin Supply. 1,976,396.2026. Network. 5.9590 (GH/s). Difficulty: 205.6025196387211. Masternodes. 951. online: 852. Search.

Pool, Blocks. 1, Burst Mining Club Pool Wallet | 80% Reward to Miner | 20% Historical, 51. 2, Solo Miner, 40. 3, ᶜˡᵒᵘᵈᶠˡᵃʳᵉ ᵖʳᵒᵗᵉᶜᵗᵉᵈ, 33. 4, Ninja Reloaded V3 pool account, 23. 5, , 21. 6, , 21. 7, BTFG Pool, 20. 8, PoCC Pool: 50-50, 19. 9, PoCC Huobi wallet 16 btc to usd Discover the world's most popular Bitcoin Gold (BTG) wallet. View detailed information and charts on all Bitcoin Gold (BTG) transactions and blocks. Visit today. to Label BTC as Bitcoin Legacy and Go All-in on Bitcoin Cash Published 13 hours ago by JP Buntinx. to Label BTC as Bitcoin Legacy and Go All-in on Bitcoin. NewsBTC via The company no longer thinks of BTC as the real Bitcoin, but rather “Bitcoin  Product £0.05 ($0.07), yet GoUrl charges 0.00019643 BTC ($1.13 506633 · , 14 hours 59 minutes ago, 987.3 kB. 506632 · ViaBTC, 15 hours 1 minute ago, 988.7 kB. 506631 · ViaBTC, 15 hours 4 minutes ago, 988.3 kB. 506630 · , 15 hours 6 minutes ago, 984.5 kB. 506629 · , 15 hours 8 minutes ago, 973.5 kB. 506628 · Slush, 15 hours 14 minutes ago, 940.6 kB.

View realtime & historical data on bitcoin addresses, transactions and economy. Mentions - See all the mentions of particular bitcoin addresses. Stats - See all stats for particular addresses. Search via QR - Search any QR code in one click, directly from our homepage. Block Explorer.Jan 10, 2018 So blockexplorer put a notice on their website. How do you guys feel about this? I kind of agree, I have some sentiment towards BTC but it is obvious that the situation is rather dire. I'm fed up with high transaction fees and long waiting times when they could easily improve on this. btc and ltc Blockdozer is the leading Bitcoin Cash Blockchain Explorer. BCH BCash BitcoinCash.Sep 9, 2014 Hey iam looking for someone who can implement block explorer in my coin. I have few customizations in mind lets talk and see if any of those are possible. Pm me or add me on skype:Taylor Greet  Insight UI. A Btcnano blockchain explorer web application service for Btcnano Node using the Insight API. Quick Start. Please see the guide at -node for information about getting a block explorer running. This is only the front-end component of the block explorer, and is packaged together with all of 1942, 14,533.51539156 BTC, 1.38940543 BTC, Unknown. 464423, 00:49:45, 000000000000000002192fc0a05ebcbe253 2324, 17,375.88575334 BTC, 2.24358935 BTC, Unknown. 464422, 00:32:15, 0000000000000000007d28c366355932dfe 2487, 17,527.43283718 BTC, 1.60757214 BTC, Unknown.

- Bitcoin Wallet and Block Explorer. Bitcoin Block Explorer :: Reviews :: Add-ons for Firefox. ION/BTC - Blakecoin-Explorer. Rated 5 out of 5 stars Average (6) Rated 5 out of 5 stars. night Zcash engineer and I2P developer str4d released the first Block Explorer for the Zcash Testnet.Simple question… Why is the SmartCash block explorer limited to the 100 most recent blocks? Shouldn't we be able to view the entire blockchain for transparency purposes? Or, am I missing something? 0.1645 btc to usd Toggle navigation. Bitcoin Gold Blocks · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · API · Bitcoin Gold (BTG) 179.04 USD (-6.79%) 0.01629480 BTC. Powered by CoinMarketCap. Network (GH/s). 0.0456. Difficulty. 3031179.332537064. Coin Supply (BTG). 16886361.08899401. Search. Latest Blocks. Processing.Bitcoin Insight. View detailed information on all bitcoin transactions and block. Home. Home · Block Explorer · Charts · Stats · Calculator · Faucet · Buy; Tools. Downloads · Pools · Chat · Asset Overview. Menu. 1 Burst = 0.00000417. Burstcoin / Bitcoin Price. 1k Burst = $ 42.42 / 1 Burst = $ 0.042418; 1k Burst = € 34.14 / 1 Burst = € 0.034144; 1 BTC = $ 10,172.10; 1 BTC = € 8,188.12 Declares a Preference for Bitcoin Cash Over

GHledger - Public Bitcoin and Smart Asset Blockchain Explorer.Feb 22, 2017 Depending on what type of bitcoin network information one is looking for, the block explorer is well worth checking out. On the front page, one can see the real-time hash rate of all mining pools, as well as real-time network information. also keeps track of network congestion, which is a  1 dem to btc block, 174184, reward, 100, fee, 0.0164, timestamp, 1517328115 (2018 Jan 30 - 16:01:55), operations, 166. block, 174183, reward, 100, fee, 0, timestamp, 1517327186 (2018 Jan 30 - 15:46:26), operations, 0. block, 174182, reward, 100, fee, 0.01, timestamp, 1517326975 (2018 Jan 30 - 15:42:55), operations, 2.Sep 13, 2016 Bitmain's , the free bitcoin block explorer, analytics tool and bitcoin wallet, has launched an open-source bitcoin mining pool and is charging no mining fee until 2017. With the launch of this open-source mining pool, the team hopes to set new technical standards for mining pools and  TradeBlock is the world's leading provider of institutional trading tools for digital currencies.ERROR 100%. · Conn 27 · Height 506573. Scan; BTC. USD; BTC; mBTC; bits. Error! Can't connect to bitcoind to get live updates from the p2p network. (Tried connecting to bitcoind at and failed.) Can't connect to insight server. Attempting to reconnect Can't connect to internet. Please, check your connection.

Block, Hash, Recipients, Amount (ESP), Timestamp. 731567 · b32117590c738560d65842aa7f96ecd04fbbafcb9692bb9a3b39468ca719b082, 1, 4048.14359412, Sat, 20 Jan 2018 12:40:16 GMT. 731566 · e3c1ba002bd30fb1f7c364ca9774e1ff88b3e586bc23d45529ff208d3e8a1e5b, 1, 5000.00000000, Sat, 20 Jan 2018 Bitcoin Block Explorer and API 0.016 btc Block explorer btc. Detailed explanation of split key addresses (Coin Dance Vanity). Reviews for Bitcoin Block Explorer 5 reviews for this add-on.A convenient, powerful and simple way to read data from the bitcoin network. I created a site that lets you view detailed information about Bitcoin blocks, addresses, and  0.05814645 BTC. 518f7fc914eafe86404bc1aad484c04dcea23fe9f87cb09c53db077bdbe20d5b, 0.08316978 BTC. b755ef1801cad2c46ac9c301cf0a297073bcb60fe71208da60cf00e82c3af5ef, 0.04179101 BTC. 8afe8ef02095e6d56c92cd74787a7405dd5087d677a09a983409f14283985107, 0.24857966 BTC. Jan 10, 2018 Open source web tool BlockExplorer has gone all in on Bitcoin Cash (BCH), the true remaining Bitcoin as intended by the Satoshi whitepaper. In a blog post, the website announced that they will only support BCH moving forward as BlockExplorer no longer thinks of SegWit1X (BTC) as the real Bitcoin, but  provides an easy to use and popular block explorer, mining pool, highly secure mobile and web wallet Android Wallet iOS Wallet.

Toggle navigation. Monoeci (MonacoCoin) · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · Markets · API. Network (GH/s). 45255.7692. Difficulty. 1378676.928601881. Coin Supply (XMCC). 9979979.34378832. BTC Price. 0.00050013. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. Processing.For currencies other than XRP, clicking on the balance will show the breakdown of each balance by trust lines for each currency. The table on the right shows the history of transactions for the selected account. All Currencies, USD - U.S. Dollars, EUR - Euro, CNY - Chinese Yuan, JPY - Japanese Yen, BTC - Bitcoins, Other. litecoin graph Please, donate to keep the block explorer running. Donate to keep us running!100.9171 LTC Explorer donations: LVXXmgcVYBZAuiJM3V99uG48o3yG89h2Ph. Personal Donations: - BTC: 1SoMGuYknDgyYypJPVVKE2teHBN4HDAh3 - LTC: LYmpJZm1WrP5FSnxwkV2TTo5SkAF4Eha31. Contact Me. This site is provided Huobi wallet - COLCHONES MIVIS Let's check out the hash of prev_out in a TestNet blockexplorer: prev_out tx details. You can see that 0.001 BTC was transferred to our address. +. In prev_out n is 0. Since we are indexing from 0, this means that we want to spend the first output of the transaction (the second one is the 1.0989548 BTC change from the Aug 8, 2013 - 2 minBTC Robot - World's First 100% Automated Bitcoin Trading Bot | bitcoin block explorer.

$url = "".$btcAddy."?api-key-id=".$apiKey; $chainData = json_decode(file_get_contents($url), true); $balance = $chainData[0]["total"]["balance"]; echo $balance; This will display the current balance of the address in satoshis. You can convert it to BTC by dividing it by 100,000,000.Oct 3, 2017 Fee rate is the fee that was paid by the user generating the transaction in order to broadcast it to the BTC network and have it confirmed. The fee is given to the miner who mined the block. At 0.001305959204750839 BTC / kB (1 kB = 1000 bytes), this means this transaction cost 0.00505798 or $22.2 at the  btc london 6 days ago The ongoing “debate” between BTC and BCH supporters is a long way from over. Even extra corporations are taking one facet or the opposite as we discuss. has made a relatively fascinating resolution on this regard. The corporate now not thinks of BTC as the actual Bitcoin, however Toggle navigation ArcticCoin · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · API. Network (MH/s). 197196.2162. Difficulty. 7072.824188129899. Coin Supply (ARC). 24630042.60866196. BTC Price. 0.00001007. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. Processing. Bitcoin (Testnet) · Dash (Testnet) · Litecoin (Testnet) · Blockchain API · My Wallet. Created with Raphaël 2.1.0 1C1mCxRu 21%. SoChain. Wow. The Fastest Bitcoin Block Reader. Price, 10,946.54 USD/฿. Hashrate, 25567.63 PH/s. Activity, -.-- TX/min. Unconfirmed Txs, 14,248. Fee Rate, -.-- BTC. Transaction Ages (?).Witam Na stronie utworzyłam sobie portfel, założyłam konto na , kupiłam BTC, z giełdy przesłałam BTC na portfel. Mam wgląd do salda na . potrafię przesłać z powrotem środków na konto giełdy, w sumie nigdzie nie potrafię ich przesłać, proszę o pomoc, tj. jak 

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is a mobile and web wallet available for Android and iOS. It's also a bitcoin API, a popular block explorer, and a mining pool. Find out everything you need to know about today. What is ? is an online platform that offers a number of services to the bitcoin community. The platform was  advanced blockchain queries than provided by HUSHd RPC. Check out the source code. insight is still in development, so be sure to report any bugs and provide feedback for improvement at our github issue tracker. Powered by. [ verify message · broadcast transaction ] [ Buy me a beer: BTC: - Hush: ] - Powered by Hush. btc las vegas phone number Blockchain - Chrome Web Store BTC Explorer is powered by team. BTC Explorer is the software for viewing the price and data of Bitcoin, including the following features: - View the price, candlestick chart and trading volume of the mainstream exchanges; - View news, receive important news notifications, and support comments and likes;Jan 10, 2018 The continuing “debate” between BTC and BCH supporters is some distance from over. Much more firms are taking one aspect or the opposite as we discuss. has made a quite attention-grabbing determination on this regard. The corporate now not thinks of BTC as the actual Bitcoin, 

20 Jul 2017 BitclubNetwork "Bitcoin Mining Power" . 5 company miner terbesar di dunia laantaranya ANTPOOL, BITCLUB, BIXIN, ,BITFURY dan banyak lagi.. Ini berita yang di keluarkan oleh 3th Party yg mna mengiktiraf BitclubNetwork sememangnya REAL MINERApa tunggu lagi??For more Coin Specification · Mining Info · Bitcointalk Forum · Block Explorer · Block Explorer. Current price. Einsteinium (EMC2) 0.00005310 BTC ↓. Updated 29 January 2018 13:53:01 UTC+0:00. Powered by Cryptonator. Latest tweet. Einsteinium. ATW Tech subsidiary Voxtel is reportedly planning to integrate the EMC2 digital  full form of btc in hotel industry Jan 3, 2018 If the block explorer shows that the transaction has gone through but the funds are not in your wallet , follow the steps in this article to find out how you can see your correct balance: Any hard forks copy the main BTC blockchain and thus your BCC and BTG should be safenon their respective networks.Bitcoin Explorer. Recent Blocks. Height, Age, Transactions, Total Sent, Total Fees, Block Size (in bytes). 506840, 14 minutes ago, 1, 0.0 BTC, 0.0 BTC, 250. 506839, 14 minutes ago, 548, 8,789.171 BTC, 0.296 BTC, 989,412. 506838, 16 minutes ago, 1,003, 3,401.649 BTC, 0.442 BTC, 911,609. 506837, 18 minutes ago  Once you make a transaction, your wallet should give you an option to view the transaction on a block explorer or give you the transaction ID. A transaction ID looks like this: 7a43510802e113b7059851ef0a8a5c3625db37541861dd982f56253b2d5c4ff9. To check the number of confirmations for a transaction, paste the ID Yobit: 0.0000064757302480 BTC through Ethereums. Yobit: 0.0000066000001860 BTC through Dogecoins. Bittrex: 0.00001186 Bitcoins. Cryptopia: 0.00001181 Bitcoins. Yobit: 0.00001128 Bitcoins 

toont opeen gemakkelijke manier de blokken van Bitcoin in een mining pool. Je kan er alle miners zien die de blokken minen. Interessant om te weten aan welke blokken ze bezig zijn. Informatie. Busimatch Ik hou van Busimatch want ik ben een professional !!! 28.12.2017 (Gisteren). Crypto mining.XChain - Counterparty Block Explorer. Toggle navigation. Data. Assets · All Assets · Named Assets · Subassets · Numeric Assets · Bets · Blocks · Broadcasts · Burns · Dividends · Issuances · Mempool · Orders MarketCap, $145,156,934.00. 24h Volume, $3,384,260.00. USD Price, $55.46-5.4%. BTC Price, 0.00493157  btc history CoinonatX (XCXT) 0.077453 USD (3.37%) 0.00000705 BTC. MARKET CAP $1.40 M. VOLUME (24H) $15.55 K. Powered by CoinMarketCap. Last Block Found. 221529. Jan 30, 2018 03:49:36 Time: Circulation Supply. 18,112,700 XCXT. PoW Difficulty. 458,093.84179002. PoS Difficulty. 462,780.74257401. Stake Weight Block Explorer Bitcoin (BTC). Block Chain Viewer. - Back to index. Powered by Google Translate Translate. Bitcoin. Block Count: 498768. Difficulty: 1590896927258.1. Connections: 71. Network HashRate: NaN/s. - Search in blockchain. Enter a Block Index / Height. Enter A Block Hash. Enter A Transaction ID. Block Explorer  Bitcoin Block Explorer is a web tool that provides detailed information about Bitcoin blocks, addresses, and transactions. Home.Toggle navigation eMark Explorer · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · Markets · API. Network (TH/s). 1612.6389. Difficulty. 40926420.84265445. Coin Supply (DEM). 40906610.655581. BTC Price. 0.00000468. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. Processing.

Toggle navigation FirstCoin Blockchain Explorer · Explorer. Network (GH/s). -. Difficulty. 0.0033887. Coin Supply (FRST). 110000000. BTC Price. 0.00062935. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. Processing.The Ethereum BlockChain Explorer, API and Analytics Platform. buy btc with credit card usa Secure and trusted Bitcoin wallet. Open-source and fully featured mining pool. Block explorer and API.Jan 10, 2018 The ongoing “debate” between BTC and BCH supporters is far from over. Even more companies are taking one side or the other as we speak. has made a rather interesting decision in this regard. The company no longer thinks of BTC as the real Bitcoin, but rather “Bitcoin Legacy”. The block explorer provides an API allowing users and/or applications to retrieve information from the network without the need for a local wallet. API Calls. Return data from coind. getdifficulty. Returns the current difficulty. getconnectioncount. Returns the number of connections the block BitShares Block Explorer. BTC SmartCoin. 1 bitcoin. Market, Last Price, Last Price ($), 24h Volume, Volume ($). BTC : BTS, 35,950 BTS, $13,798, 1.55 BTC, $21,387. BTC : , 1.156 , $13,733 BTC : CRYPTOCEEDS, 50,000,000 CRYPTOCEEDS, $614,096, 0 BTC, $0. BTC : , 850 OPEN.

Find out the value of stellar virtual currency, live transaction, exchange rate from btc and usd and charts only here at stellar explorer.On September 28th 2015, Bitmain Technologies Limited launched a new bitcoin blockchain explorer, BTC Chain. Although Bitmain has traditionally been a producer of bitcoin mining hardware, this new software product was developed entirely in-house. BTC Chain launches with a full suite of data lookup  0.00030000 btc to usd May 19, 2017 BTC to BTC, ETH to ETH, LTC to LTC and so on. If the coin is confirmed on the block explorer and not in your wallet you will need to troubleshoot the receiving end of the transaction. if you cannot find the transaction in the block explorer after 1 hour has passed, please open a ticket detailing the Coin One can check Satoshi's unspent BTC at Block Explorer. Keep clicking on the next block or previous block, all wallets with 50 BTC (U) unspent belongs to him. Start with Block number 1 to Block number 36285. Jan 10, 2018 The continued “debate” between BTC and BCH supporters is way from over. Much more corporations are taking one aspect or the opposite as we converse. has made a moderately fascinating determination on this regard. The corporate not thinks of BTC as the actual Bitcoin, to Label BTC as Bitcoin Legacy and Go All-in on

Market Cap Of $666,965,345.00. 0.00150442 BTC/Hcash. 15.67. 99.12. LAst Block. 457362. Hcash Rate. 195.2919 GH/s. Transactions. 1370391. Network Difficulty. 2182.5573144 Apr 3, 2014 If you look at a website like or , you may notice it is possible to find out the details about a particular bitcoin address, such as In the future, if she could use these 0.3 BTC coins that remain in her wallet, by referencing this 0.3 BTC output as an input for a new transaction. btc instrumentation Jul 14, 2017 We finished adding a few more features to the PoSWallet 2.0 Block Explorer after the initial round of feedback – slight delay to fix a few more bugs, we need 1-2 more days to finish. We will have a bug bounty once it is rolled out. The post PoSWallet 2.0 Block Explorer appeared first on ICO Timeline.Below you can enter a bitcoin address to see which addresses are linked to it in a partial wallet. Please see the FAQ for what this means. Above, you can also enter addresses, block numbers (up to block 506,810) or transaction hashes for a more traditional block explorer. Enter a bitcoin address to search for its wallet. 506903, 37 minutes ago, 0x20000000, F2Pool, ,mm Y.w kL2"/ d)H Mined by orenburgf2, 795.33, 3,036.56. 506902, 44 minutes ago, 0x20000000, , 3 qZd//HWվ /xOӘy` ۈCR y3 e U*, 1,083.03, 3,992.79. 506901, 1 hour ago, 0x20000000, @ ωk*l`O /k7 G Jo7 mm Àӽ3I 6Y_X Dٹ ' p, 1,009.08, 3,993.25.Welcome to /r/btc! Home of free and open bitcoin discussion, bitcoin news, and exclusive AMA (Ask Me Anything) interviews from top bitcoin industry leaders! Bitcoin is the currency of the Internet. A distributed, worldwide, decentralized digital money. Unlike traditional currencies such as dollars, bitcoins are 

BTC Included in 277.316 (2013-12-27.23:11:54.49 Fees 0.0005 BTC Blocks minutes) Estimated BTC Transacted 0.015 BTC Figure 6-1. Alices transaction to Bobs Cafe Transactions—Behind the Scenes Behind the scenes, an actual transaction looks very different from a transaction provided by a typical block explorer.Jan 11, 2018 The Blockstream fork of bitcoin diverges so radically from the ideas presented in the Bitcoin white paper, that it is an evolutionary dead end. While it may still have high trading value, as a mere collectible of curiosity.. 2000 inr to btc Jaxx · Ties.NetworkMar 9, 2017 You can also see in screenshot of the above blockexplorer the added fee was: 0.000451 btc and it actually displays the satoshi per byte, too: 236.13 sat/B, so you can safely conclude it's going to confirm. 2. When you send a transactions with too low fees, it stays in the mempool of most full nodes… What is  Eth block explorer0 replies 1 I have update my Block Explorer with Richlist. 000 MAX, 0. cryptoid. 01 BTC; so we filled already ~99. 4 day max coin age for full weight to earn stake. http://sdc. 25 LCP and will then remain at that level. 5. 000 MAX. Hit me up It is or at least was my understanding that the current supply is shown in the block 

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Get Bitcoin price, charts, and other cryptocurrency info.Sep 25, 2017 The new Insight block explorer is basically the same as the BTC version, but modified for the BCH blockchain. Now anyone using the BCH network can check transaction confirmation status, block height, transaction miner fees, transaction inputs, block statistics and more. Bitpay's latest BCH support is just  btc 2012 result LSK. LSK; BTC; EUR; USD; RUB. Tools. Top Accounts · Activity Graph · Delegate Monitor · Network Monitor · Web Login. Height: 5,083,531 Supply: 117,528,048 LSK/BTC: 0.00202224 LSK/USD: 22.3538. home. Latest Transactions. Id, Timestamp, Sender, Recipient, Amount (LSK), Fee (LSK). 4418487389118609413 Oct 23, 2017 I consider it essential for a cryptocoin to run at least one block explorer for mainnet and testnet (more than that is fine, like ones on Tor/etc). If the core BTG team doesn't want to take on running a Block Explorer, maybe running a full altcoin mainnet is too much as well. This needs to be funded from the  Id, Timestamp, Sender, Recipient, Amount (OXY), Fee (OXY). 9047257577874768197, 2018/01/26 15:15:15, arcanum · asat0r asat0r, 4.24004671, 0.1. 8078946512706557101, 2018/01/26 15:15:12, arcanum · firstandgoal firstandgoal, 3.8480062, 0.1. 17114036588913709391, 2018/01/26 15:15:08, arcanum Net friend: even if Blockexplorer names BCH as BTC, it can't allow

Toggle navigation innova-explorer · Explorer · Movement · Network · API. Network (GH/s). 13.7533. Difficulty. 469.850729548828. Coin Supply (INN). 2375783.97976056. BTC Price. 0.00071025. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. Processing.Toggle navigation BitcoinPlus - XBC Block Explorer · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · Markets · API. Network (GH/s). 0.0000. Difficulty. POW: 0.01442156. POS: 0.00024414. Coin Supply (XBC). 105453.56645132. BTC Price. 0.00894000. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. Processing. btc loader apk Bitcoin Cash block explorers are (sorted by usefulness and features):. ✯ BlockTrail: ✯ BlockChair: -cash/blocks. *✯Coin Dance: ✯ BitInfoCharts: %20cash/. BlockDozer: : Bitcoin Block Explorer Blockchain Transaction Lookup 2018 This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. Learn more. Got it! Toggle navigation. Height: 3355933 · Supply: 131,711,866 · Nethash: Mainnet. ARK/BTC: 0.00055307 · ARK/USD: 5.7619. Devnet Explorer; Tools. Top Accounts · Activity Graph · Delegate Monitor · Network Monitor Transaction - c87234e69163efc9d120f0984d4cfb4805dc7ba8c2779ee88fb09f6b2d17e59f. Time 2018-01-01 09:54:50. Total Sent 0.00347747 BTC. Fees 0.00004344 BTC. Block Height 502025. Confirmations 3031. RAW 

Toggle navigation LuxCore Explorer · Explorer · Richlist · API. Network (GH/s). 575.6033. POW Difficulty. 14741.99. POS Difficulty. 51051.99. Coin Supply (LUX). 3963288.54. BTC Price. 0.00230000. Search. Latest Transactions. Processing.Qtum block explorer btc update The bitcoin gold is an entirely new cryptocurrency which launched on November 12, 2017, but was actually created on the 25th of October, 2017. During which a snapshot of Blockchain block number 491,407 took place, meaning anyone who had bitcoins in their wallets during that time would end being lucky recipients of A visualisation of live Bitcoin transactions from the Blockchain. Every time a Bitcoin transaction is made it is shown here as coloured ball dropping on the plate, You can click on the transactions to find out exactly how much they are worth in BTC. Zen Price. BTC: 0.00417245 USD: 47.2142. Powered by. [ · Deutsch · English · Spanish · Japanese ] [ verify message · broadcast transaction ]. mining pool.If you held a balance on May 12th 2014 in a BTC, LTC, or DOGE address then you most likely already have CLAMcoin waiting to be dug up. If you want to see if you have CLAM for free without compromising your wallet try entering your. BTC payment address at our partnered site. . Block Explorer. Khashier · Presstab 

Mail Facebook Twitter Google+ Reddit Copy link Pinterest Tumblr Pocket. Translate card Flag content and report user. Bitcoin Block Explorer - (Blockchain)Should Plag have Bitcoin functionality. Vote with 0.00001 BTC payment to address:16udZH8ydbdTgRzSf6MtJ6FpKwKCrx5VSk Check amount at link.Toggle navigation. Zcoin Official Block Explorer · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · Markets · API · Zerocoin. Network (GH/s). 127.8395. Difficulty. 19859.62351396217. Coin Supply (XZC). 3885502.69898005. BTC Price. 0.00620435. Search. Bittrex. Bittrex - XZC/BTC - 24 hours  good time to buy litecoin Aeon coin block explorer. Best aeon blockchain resource: blocks, transactions, network stats, and hashrate.11618.15 USD/BTC 9311.43 EUR/BTC 1.248 USD/EUR (Bitstamp 11.9 min. ago) Unfortunately the hot topic scraper to display the hottest bitcointalk threads is broken because of a performance optimization on the site which makes scraping very difficult. If you would like it back feel free to place a polite rant  Segwit block explorer - Bauzentrum Netzband

BOSCoin block explorer is for BOSCoin blockchain. boscoin block explorer lets you view all boscoin wallets, transactions and blocks with detailed information and charts.EDIT: Although I ended up recommending Coinbase, I have found that Bitcoin Block Explorer - Blockchain may have wallet bugs! I lost 0.5 BTC, hard to prove, but it happened, due to an error in their systems. Basically a 'Transfer' from one wallet to a new address in the same wallet never showed back up. It was described  dogecoin btc price Bitcoin Block Explorer - Blockchain - [NAME] - caringbraceletuf.seBitcoin mining pool BTC Guild is shutting down later this month, and its operator has cited the BitLicense finalization as a major factor. com provides an easy to use and popular block explorer, mining pool, highly secure mobile and web wallet Android Wallet iOS Wallet. First Bitcoin mining pool in the world; Operating since  Xrp blockchain explorer - Herbert Fisheries327.13 KB. 694. 2573.04 BTC. 506603. 16 minutes ago. 1.07 MB. 2221. 20587.15 BTC. 506602. 25 minutes ago. 1023.8 KB. 2785. 12437.35 BTC. 506601. 1 hour ago. 271.38 KB. 595. 2291.5 BTC. 506600. 1 hour ago. 1.01 MB. 1816. 21814.97 BTC. 506599. 1 hour ago. 1.03 MB. 1830. 13098.36 BTC. 506598. 1 hour ago.

#54, Blocktrail, planned, wallet, block explorer. #55, BreadWallet, wip, wallet. #56, , deployed, block explorer, wallet. #57, BTCC, ready, exchange, mining pool, wallet. #58, btcd, ready, full node. #59, btcpool, ready, pool software. #60, BTCTurk, ready, exchange, bitcoin core, nbitcoin. #61, bustabit, wip, gambling  trade tbc for btc Toggle navigation. Graviocoin · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · API. Network (GH/s). 2.2118. Difficulty. 33.59329133744749. Coin Supply (GIO). 493912134.3034208. BTC Price. 0.00000000. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. Processing.Bitcoin Gold is a Hard Fork that allows you to mine Bitcoin with GPU. BTG implements a new PoW algorithm, Equihash, that makes mining decentralized again. is a block explorer for unforked Ethereum blockchain, now called Ethereum Classic. It's still the same unmodified blockchain that was before Support GasTracker Project make a donation. ETC: 0x353c13b940aa5eed75aa97d477954289e7880bb8; BTC: 3HXu9aX497uuM5axrFAk7EaunXy62YDMAJ BTC transaction is stuck - London Vesta College

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Sorry, the Counterparty asset TRIGGERS is already registered and is not listed for sale at this time. TRIGGERS Asset Information more info. Asset Name, Description, For Sale, Status. TRIGGERS, , No, Verified. Last DEX Trade Price, Market Cap, Total Supply, Divisible, Locked. 0.00000100 Jan 10, 2018 The ongoing “debate” between BTC and BCH supporters is removed from over. Even extra corporations are taking one facet or the different as we converse. has made a moderately fascinating choice on this regard. The firm not thinks of BTC as the real Bitcoin, however moderately  btc platinum Feb 16, 2014 IO , Mined By ASICMiner , BTC Guild , Made in China , BitMinter , /bitparking , hi from poolserverj , /ozcoin/stratum/ , /slush/ .[7] Analyzing , it looks like there is no limit to what size can be with Total Vertcoins (sum of all currently existing Vertcoins), 42,708,900 VTC. Vertcoin Logo Market Capitalization (market value of all currently existing Vertcoins), $179,342,717 USD. Vertcoin Price (Vertcoin price history charts), 1 VTC = $ 4.2 USD (2018-01-30 11:17:23 UTC) bittrex: 0.00038 BTC (2018-01-30 11:15:01 UTC) Retrieved from 4 December 2013, - (2013) Liu, J.: BTC China the world's largest Bitcoin trading platform, ZDNet. Retrieved from http:// -china-the-worlds-largest-bitcoin-trading-platform-7000023316/ (2013) Muth, J.: Rational expectations and the theory of price movements {{ulty / averaged_block_time | totalDifficulty}}. Net Avg HashRate: {{ulty / 90000000000 | number:3 }} GH. Difficulty: {{ulty | totalDifficulty}}. Blocks. Refreshing in {{refresh_timer}} sec Transactions. Refreshing in {{refresh_timer}} sec © DUBAICOIN BLOCK EXPLORER 2017

New block explorer and nodes update! We would like to inform to all the comunity that a new block explorer has been added. So, in case one of them will be offline, you will be able to use the other as alternative block explorer. Both are already synced and working perfectly. For last, we added a full updated node list in the Bitcoin wallet explorer - Herbert Fisheries btc com pool Hi Everyone, I experimented with creating a cold wallet using :5990/v1/wallet/new. I sent a small amount of funds to my new address 4 days ago Source newsBTC The ongoing debate between BTC and BCH supporters is far from over. Even more companies are taking one… by mickiewolfr. 2 hours ago Hash: 0xfdfd5546c52398d1af97593a8dd0eac9748bbe68e15b0add24c7af8ca0fd3455. Parent hash: 0xee5a9f3af9e557399f2b2b38f052aae29a7f9b3ae6650b5c5cf45fb9dae35d36. Miner: Gas Limit: 4,700,092. Gas Used: 0. Difficulty: 7,490,522,975,513. Total Difficulty The API allows you to get blocks and transactions by hash, query the history of an address, and relay your own transactions to the network. Blocks and Transactions are available in raw binary format (.bin) or the inofficial json format established by (.json). All JSON responses are pretty-printed by default.

Sep 4, 2017 We need the transparent lists of transactions to keep bitcoin open and secure, but the useful parts are when we dig deeper. That's where the changes in interface between , , and come in helpful. The way each block explorer displays this information caters Toggle navigation. DEEPONION BLOCKEXPLORER · Explorer · Movement · Network · Top 100 · API. Network (MH/s). 2975871.1443. Difficulty. POW: 131646.05885055. POS: 0.5039642. Coin Supply (ONION). 19448288.28355707. BTC Price. 0.00000000. Search. Latest Transactions. Show. 10, 25, 50, 100. entries. btc 3 Aug 8, 2013 - 2 min - Uploaded by bitcoinBTC Robot - World's First 100% Automated Bitcoin Trading Bot | bitcoin block explorer http Exchange, Pair, Top Price, Volume, Updated. C-Cex, BTC/COXST, 0.00000000 BTC, 0.00 BTC, Recently. YoBit, BTC/COXST, 0.00000081 BTC, 0 BTC, Recently. HTML chart code for websites. <div class="crypto_iframe"><iframe src="-" height="400"  The Explorer provides block, transaction, and address data for the Bitcoin Cash and Bitcoin Core chains. The data is displayed within an awesome interface and is available in several different languages.May 19, 2017 Zcash to DigixDAO exchange rate. Factom to ZCoinrate.

Oct 17, 2017 Using Block Explorer, you can explore Bitcoin's blockchain in 4 languages [German, English, Spanish, Japanese] and in 4 different currency units [BTC, USD, Bits, mBTC]. 2. is the most popular block explorer for Bitcoin. It has an easy to navigate interface that lets you see SuperBitcoin is one kind of fork digital currency which fork the blockchain at the height of 498888,We're going to Embed smart contracts improving scalability of BTC and Incorporate zero-knowledge proofs to safeguard privacy, We just thought merely implementing the proposals recommended by the bitcoin community. 1 btc to usd coinbase So yesterday night on the 13th of Nov I sent some BTC to bittrex from my exodus wallet. Exodus Right now I think it will be the combination of BTC network overload and Exodus' brain fart. It will sort out, Take your Bittrex wallet address, search a block explorer with that - and see if it shows the unconfirmed pending TXN.EmberCoin's block explorer service expired on Dec 29 2017. To add another 3 months of funding to the block explorer send 0.00191217 BTC to 17Dqx2NSVZdmcznVDhQebncqxconwag3z1 · Contact presstab on bitcointalk to renew for a longer period of time with a lower rate. Bitcoin Block Explorer Blockchain - Crypto Btc 2018Jan 10, 2018 to Label BTC as Bitcoin Legacy and Go All-in on Bitcoin Cash newsBTCFive Bearish Pressures for Bitcoin CryptovestFull coverage.

Bitaps is a platform based on full Bitcoin node with blockchain network events. is a Bitcoin Block Explorer (Browser) with embided wallet and merchant API for commerce. It's fast, safe, easy and reliable. Create your own free Bitcoin purse. Encrypt your money.Oct 9, 2017 The block explorer will search for your transaction and will show you if it is sent correctly, what fee was sent with it and if the coins are already confirmed in the blockchain. If you cannot find a transaction in the block explorer, the transaction doesn't exist. Was this article helpful? 4 out of 5 found this helpful. price of btc in 2010 Relayed By, Size (kB), Weight (kWU). 506798, 6 minutes, 2123, 12,633.74 BTC, , 1,054.88, 3,992.47. 506797, 29 minutes, 1690, 5,863.04 BTC, SlushPool, 1,076.98, 3,992.74. 506796, 40 minutes, 1409, 6,852.96 BTC, , 1,171.27, 3,992.61. 506795, 40 minutes, 2490, 12,511.69 BTC, , 1,066.18 86935245 BTC / 671108. Transactions count, value, Bitcoin Cashs sent, difficulty, blocks count, network hashrate, market capitalization . com/@poloniex. Block Explorer; Block Explorer; Steem Block Explorer. me. October 14, 2017. We have compiled a visual block explorer list of the top Five largest cryptocurrencies. Read reviews, compare customer ratings, see screenshots, and learn more about Ethereum Block Explorer. Download Ethereum Block Explorer CAD - Canadian Dollar * AUD - Australian Dollar * CNY - Chinese Yuan Renminbi * JPY - Japanese Yen * RUB - Russian Ruble * BTC - Bitcoin Powered by APIs Pools Adding minecloud io hawk alt spill kabal inkludert, ikke var.