Push tx btc

Push tx btc

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Since waiting on unconfirmed transactions for 1-5 hours is too long already, I can help you to accelerate your unconfirmed transaction for free. Fill the form below of simply PM me on with your transaction ID. Note: That I do this manually so if I'm AFK I can't accelerate your TX on the meantime but I will push it 

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-en) l) dominion, domination, mastery, authority, power, government, rule, sway, sovereignty, command, control ; btc - haben uux to sway , to rule ; to have tX -rÜtfen va. and m. to move, to draw near, to approach; -mbrrn vn. to row towards, to arrive rowing; -rufen va. irr. to call hither; -rufen laffen to send for; -rubren on. to 

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